Fact-Checking Policy

We strive for 100% accurate headlines and apply a rigorous vetting process to every news article on the site. Rumors and insider reports are identified accordingly to ensure the distinction between confirmed information and industry buzz that is of interest to our readers.

Before any article is written, we ensure the information is new and accurate. We verify sources and always dig down to the source (and reference material if applicable) before the writing process begins. Even if other outlets report an unsubstantiated piece of news as official confirmation, we require 100% confirmation to claim its confirmation. We do not post clickbait. Our headlines might be bold – but we don’t throw out broad statements just to sound bold. It has to be accurate and fact-checked. Asom Barta articles don’t just report the news, we provide national-international context that explains why that news is important to you. The Asom Barta team consists of writers from diverse backgrounds in all facets of the News And entertainment industry brought together by a passion for all things entertainment and a goal of providing the best, as well as most engaging, content possible for visitors to our site. Our writers and editors are industry veterans – and make sure every new article has the latest info, the most accurate info, and all relevant details. When we are the source, we follow basic journalism principles. For corrections or update requests, please contact editor@asombarta.in.