OC, Constable Swept Away by Flood Waters in Kampur

In a horrifying incident, two policemen from Kampur police station were swept away in the flood waters on Sunday. The missing policemen of the Kampur police station were identified as Samujal Kakati (officer-in-charge) and UB Constable Rajiv Bordoloi.

According to reports, a three-member team of Kampur police had gone to the Madhupur area to investigate a case last night, when Constable Rajiv Bordoloi suddenly fell into the gushing flood waters, which swept him away. Meanwhile, the officer in charge also fell into the water stream while going to rescue Constable Rajiv Bordoloi.

Later, rescue and fire fighting services from Kampur conducted a rescue operation and recovered the body of the Constable Rajiv Bordoloi; however, the officer-in-charge Samujal Kakati is still missing. Furthermore, the SDRF workers continue their rescue and relief operations in the area.

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